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Lene Bødker

Lene Bødker (b. 1958) graduated from the Institute of Unique Design at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen in 1992. Her material is glass, and she has developed an original technique which combines the bronze caster's cire-perdu technique and blown glass.
The starting point of Lene Bødker's works is a model produced in either clay or wax. On the outside of this basic model she shapes a disposable mould in plaster and quartz. Then the wax is steamed off in a kiln. The glass sculpture is created in the cavity which emerges when the wax has drained out.
One technique is to fill the cavity with pieces of broken glass, which are melted to fill up the mould. In this way a solid sculptural form emerges. Lene Bødker calls this technique "Lost Wax Casting". Another technique is to blow stained molten glass into the mould so that the finished object becomes hollow. Lene Bødker calls this technique "Lost Wax Blowing".
When they have been cooled and internal stresses relieved, the objects are modified with a saw, and the surfaces are grinded and polished. In a few cases they are subsequently worked over with a hammer and chisel.
Lene Bødker works in series examining the possibilities of a form. In recent years her starting point has been a wax cylinder. On the outer surface she models small triangles or sticks in wax. She also places ears of corn, fir cones or toy balls cut in two on the wax cylinder.
These works are multifaceted. One facet is the relation between the blown inner side, the transparent intermediate layer and the matt, modelled outside shell. The different characters of the layers are emphasised by the carefully polished cut surface and the transparency of the individual layers. Another facet is the relation between the character of organic growth of the outer surface and the tight and stringent cylinder form.
Lene Bødker works with integration of tensions and contrasts in her works: tightness as opposed to chance, outside as opposed to inside, solidity as opposed to transparency, fragility as opposed to robustness and weight as opposed to lightness.
Lene Bødker is one of Denmark's leading glass artists. She has sold works to the Danish Arts Foundation and is represented at the Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, the Hentrich Glass Museum in Düsseldorf and Holstebro Kunstmuseum. In 2007 Lene Bødker won the coveted, Japanese glass award "Kanazawa Glass Award", which is only awarded every three years.

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