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Tobias Møhl

After completing his apprenticeship at Holmegaard Glassworks in 1992, Tobias Møhl (b. 1970) participated in several 'master classes' with leading international artists like Lino Tagliapietra and Checco Ongaro. Tobias Møhl’s works have been displayed at the most important exhibitions, galleries and museums all over the world, and today he belongs among the leading, internationally recognised, Danish glass artists. 
Mastering the traditional, Venetian Murrine technique in an obviously virtuoso way, Tobias Møhl uses clear glass with embedded threads of coloured glass. The last mentioned are  pulled into long, thin canes. The canes are cut into short lengths and joined to form a mosaic which is heated up. When the mosaic fuses into one piece of glass, it can be gathered onto the 'blow-pipe' before being blown and manipulated into its final shape.
It is this – not quite simple – technique that produces the wonderful patterns which, when interplaying with the transparency of the glass and Tobias Møhl's simple and plain shapes, create the refined and profound expression characterising his works.
Tobias Møhl works with recognisable, classic shapes. At first sight, they resemble bowls, vases and plates. But they are not intended to serve a functional purpose. Rather, they are intended as sculptural basic shapes or volumes, which he repeats and varies to uncover the sculptural qualities in the field of tension between shape, material and technique.
Glass is a seductive material. However, Tobias Møhl refrains from utilising the enormous possibilities of glass. He is able of combining self-discipline with an experimental search for new shapes and patterns.
The pieces can, of course, be viewed as individual works. Yet, they are often meant to be displayed together, almost as an installation. In this way, differences and similarities are emphasised in a fascinating interplay.
Tobias Møhl